mini air compressor
MIA 0302S30
Product Description

MIA 0302S30 is a new flat tank (1.5 liters) designed with protective housing. The protective outer case will be seamlessly integrated into your working environment and protect the relevant regulator, filter and gauge accessories. It also has two air outlets and an attached flat air tank.The flat tank reduced the height of the compressor and saves space compared with the traditional round tank, which allows the user to manage the workspace with greater flexibility. It's excellent for occasional or professional airbrush users doing general or extended airbrush applications.

●1.5 liter flat air storage tank
●Stored air normally cools which is better for maximum moisture separation
●Reduces running time
●Less heat-related moisture build up
●Air reserve for spraying at higher air pressures
●Detachable moisture filter with air regulator and gauge set
●Zero- maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor
●Auto On/Off of 60 psi/80 psi

Product Detail
Airflow : 23-32 lpm
Weight : 10.2 kgs/ 22.4 lbs
Size : L35 x W16.5 x H32 cm