Product Description
AB-219 is a gravity-feed dual action airbrush. It has a 0.3 mm nozzle and 7c.c. flow cup.
AB-219 is a new design, light-weighted, aluminum body, Chrome-plated on the body surface airbrush. The resistance to paint becomes sufficient, makes it easier to clean. The distance between the nozzle tip and the trigger is shorter than the traditional airbrush, so that the gravity was concentrated in the center, which makes the airbrush comfortable to operate.
Suitable for general-purpose application
Product Details
Nozzle size : 0.3mm
Fluid cup size : 7 C.C
*Optional 2C.C. & 15C.C.  Cup
*Dual-action trigger Air-Paint control
cup size (2 c.c or 7c.c) can be changed depending on the work.